A tool for micro consulting, it’s a free marketplace where anyone can offer knowledge about a specific topic, E-Learn will provide help to those in need, through video, audio, or text chat. Anyone can provide help, and anyone can ask for help. EduHigh serves the requirement of answering questions from any field beyond a person’s immediate knowledge base through immediate, online, real time ‘micro consulting’.

How Does it Work

Ask a question and we will find an online expert that will connect with you in real time, talk to you face to face, and help you find whatever you’re looking for.


In FREE sessions you can ask for help and video chat with a consultant for a limited Period of time (time interval), and you can’t choose your consultant, we will provide one. Every single user can register himself to be a consultant and give free sessions.


Sessions are a marketplace, where only qualified and duly selected experts or consultants may offer their services. The consultant will charge per minute of consulting, and you can hire him/her to help you for any amount of time you wish for. In premium sessions you can browse through consultant profiles, history & ratings and choose the one you prefer the most.

If you want to become a certified expert and start earning more from the platform of EduHigh then for every free session that you give, you will be rated by the user you offered your consulting to. If you get good ratings and reviews then you’ll get a premium status, after which you can charge more for your services.

  • A user can schedule any date/time for their session (also in cases of no availability of an online consultant). Once the app finds someone available to help, a notification will be sent to the user and the consultant and on the scheduled date/time, the app will connect the two.
  • Users can register for the platform in standard ways like form filling or through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • EduHigh will use a payment gateway that supports a virtual wallet. In order to start a premium session, users must have sufficient funds in this wallet and every premium session will be paid with funds from the same virtual wallet.
  • The payment gateway will allow users to transfer funds to their wallet, prior to starting a premium session.
  • The payment gateway will also provide a method for users to retrieve funds to a real bank account of their choosing.
  • When asking questions/queries, users can choose from various topics & categories.
  • A user can compose their question in text format, as an image or a video & audio clip.
  • If a consultant is available as the same as that of asking the question, then he/she will immediately assist the user.