Ratings and reviews are some of the most important triggers in mobile web application discoverability and installs, and are still core metrics app marketers use to gauge success. How ratings and reviews affect the discoverability along with some tips to help you understand how your mobile web application stacks up to its competition. Asmaar Zayed wanted to make a mobile web application that is Clinico which is a web community and review site around plastic surgery and beauty treatments.


We suggested our client to make a mobile web application through ionic framework so that later if he wants to build a mobile application he can opt for that. We developed the mobile web application that is simple, user-friendly, secure and easy to use. Our continuous involvement and transparency throughout the development lifecycle ensure that the delivered product meets all his required expectations so that the client achieves their requirements.

  • We choose firebase as backend services because firebase is a mobile and web application development platform developed by Firebase
  • It works as sockets so it would be quick and fast
  • We choose Angular JS and Ionic for frontend development which works well for mobile browser.

This is the standard rating and review mobile web application and with millions of searches across the country, people are using this to look up review and rating of doctors in the same territory, find other doctors and referrals, and quickly get the information about doctors. They can always opt out for mobile web application and its UI is also compatible for mobile web also.