Super Trade Shop Ltd. based in Cheshire, England (owner of 4GLte.eu) approached us for overhauling the website’s ranking and making it SEO friendly apart from revamping other features.

The Solution
  • Our digital marketing team ran through the company’s goals and mission, analysed them and followed it up with a website audit carrying changes that will raise the website ranking and make it more optimized for search engines. Upon approval, the changes were implemented and the result is there for every site visitor to see.
  • Rest of the issues were sorted in the stipulated time by xperts from our development team wherein the page speed was optimized, the heading tags were restructured, the PHP version underwent upgradation and breadcrumb designing was implemented.

The resultant website was smooth in navigation and took microseconds to load. It was restructured with all required categories in accordance with today’s online buyer’s psychology.


4Glte.eu is now able to target every visitor to its site with more inputs and features along with highly professional and customised technical support.