Retail Technology Predictions For 2018 That You Should Not Miss!

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Technology has contributed largely to the success of online stores but the brick and mortar retail sector is still an infant to the IT ornamentation. With retail technology brewing in the backyard of the IT solutions providers, the market is flooded with ready to use the retail software.

The whole existence of online stores is dependent on retail software. Right from the browsing to check out to shipping, the retail sector needs a point to point IT solution.

With that said, there is a bright future of technology in the retail sector. Check out our retail technology predictions for 2018.

1. Say Hello to Chatbots as online ‘chat and shop’ mate!

AI has empowered chatbots to read messages, analyze the customer behavior, browse through the purchasing history and thereby giving a personalized shopping experience to the buyers. These most awaited chatbots will redefine the digital space in the retail world.

2. Alternative checkout methods will prevail

With smartphone becoming an essential apparel, the expansion of advanced bar codes and imaging will replace the manual checkout methods and it will maximise the customer convenience.

3. Store associates will be a high-tech hub.

Store associate represents your store brand. Investing in mobile solutions is the best resort for the retailers currently. These mobile solutions give access to the entire product inventory and customer data to the store associate.

The store associates will be able to anticipate the customer expectations and will be ready with product offerings as the customer punch in the store.

4. The internet of things (IoT) will boost supply chain efficiency.

With Internet of Things(IoT) helping the retailers to connect with the digital and physical world, it is anticipated that in the coming year retailers will be able to optimize operations in the face of a more complex supply chain and pace up with the evolving customer demands.

With Internet of Everything(IoE) on its way, retailers job will be very easy. The machine will do everything and leave least to the retailers’ task list.

For now, smart retailers can use smart tags to adjust the pricing in real-time. Sensors can be used to automate manual functions such as tracking inventory or changing prices.

For more tech updates, stay tuned!

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