Mobile Apps and their role in Healthcare Sector

Posted by admin | October 10, 2017 | Mobile App Development
How mobile health apps are gaining the confidence of patients & care teams as they become more Secure, Legally Compliant & Robust

Mobile Health (mhealth) is no news. Especially when around 52% of smartphone users today are gathering health related information on their devices or smart phones. What is newsworthy is the way healthcare industry chooses to use mobile health in the interest of patients.

Mobile Health Applications are gaining the confidence of healthcare professionals and other medical professionals as they become more secure, legally compliant and robust. Mobile application development companies are now taking the double role of development partners as well as consultants to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Reaching the Unreached

One of the major gaps that mHealth apps have filled is the challenge of reaching out to the chronic patients in rural areas. While the best of healthcare professionals can reach out to them physically, the frequency of these visits has always been a problem. mHealth apps have made it possible to track progress, manage all types of activities such as physical, virtual visits & organize patient data making virtual consultations more effective than today’s visits.

Disease Related Applications

If we talk about heart patients they need a certain mobile app to check their blood pressure, etc. while those with asthma or diabetes have a different set of needs. Today there are iOS & Android apps dedicated to prevention of specific diseases such as asthma, diabetes, autism, insomnia, heart disease & cancer. Patients are increasingly relying on these platforms while healthcare providers are integrating secure mobile applications in the development of collaboration platforms. Back in 2012, researchers from University of Washington had launched a mobile application development project that allowed users to analyze common lung function measures. This application was there to measure and monitor pulmonary ailments such as asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis. The app measured when the patient breathed in and breathed out on the phone’s microphone. And similarly, Mobile phones have completely changed the way Canadian health care providers approach chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) which is the leading cause of deaths in the country. COPD patients in Canada are now being reached, cared for and treated using various curative means administered through mobile applications.

Better Collaboration

Healthcare professionals are now focusing on the development of such collaboration platforms that are either responsive or come with mobile apps to manage all things in a better way such as physicians and other medical staff members. There are few healthcare collaboration tools that keep patients, the medical staff and physicians who are always connected and updated with important information in a secure manner. This is actually leading to better care coordination among medical professionals resulting in improved patient care.

Big names in the medicine and app industry are coming together to collaborate with health app developers, patient advocates and other prominent health sector stakeholders to develop practices aimed at ensuring security and effectiveness of mHealth apps.

As healthcare consumers increase their acceptance of digital health tools, IT firms see an upward trend in mobile health apps putting power in the hand of patients to take charge of their health and interact on their own terms with doctors, physicians or medical practitioners entwined with greater proximity and transparency like never before.

Consagous offers a wide array of mobile health apps and softwares for professionals and patients alike. Get in touch with us to know what we can do for you in terms of medical apps for patients or doctors.

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