How To Have A Strong Business Model For Your Startup?

Posted by admin | September 15, 2017 | E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile App Development, Start Up

Rare are the people who are well equipped with all the information required to bring their mind ventures to life. After validating a great business idea next comes the question on which business model to adopt and what business model will suit your business idea.

Consagous never stands behind when it comes to strategic consultancies for IT based start-ups. We have summarised and segregated all the prevalent business models for your reference here.

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Broadly there are 10 types of business models, which are:

1. Advertising

This one is no secret as advertising is an age old method and have seen a constant evolution in its lifetime.

2. Freemium model

3. E-commerce

This model was termed game changer as it made brick and mortar stores go out of business. And the rest is history!

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Subscription Model

After advertising this model is the second oldest business model. It used by milk vendors, newspaper vendors, gym owners for ages. Although this model has evolved a lot in last 2 decades, the latest versions of this models are:

6. Licensing

This one is a popular IT company business model, but now this model is on a downtrend due to the emerging trend of SaaS subscription models.

7. Selling Data

8. Build to sell (to Google, Facebook, and others)

9. Mobile and Gaming Revenue Models

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