5 Reasons Website Traffic Is The Lifeline Of Small Businesses

Posted by admin | October 6, 2017 | online marketing

Generation of targeted visitors to a website owned by a business big or small is inherent to its digital marketing strategy for primarily driving sales. While businesses with copious fluid capital can afford to invest in both, online and offline advertising campaigns, medium to small scale businesses don’t have that marketing leeway and hence have to majorly rely on driving website traffic.
We tell you WHY online traffic is vital to lead generation for a small scale business in the following points.

  1. Website traffic is the spine of online marketing

Without traffic nothing can be converted and without conversion the traffic is not serving its purpose. To have a productive bottom line the businessman or the marketing personnel need to identify, understand and focus the traffic and formulate strategies on the fact that traffic and conversion rates go hand in hand.

2. Traffic leads to conversions

Position your marketing efforts with this aim – gather or acquire qualified traffic and convert it into sales, otherwise the RoI will be zilch leading to further dilemmas. A lot of firms are able to generate online traffic but find themselves challenged when it comes to putting that data to use. For making your online marketing efforts productive quantifying and qualifying website traffic is of utmost significance to steer the sales team.

Understand the types of online traffic to harness qualified leads


Organic search results & SEO –

Search Engine Optimization improves the organic listing and ranking of a website on a search engine’s results page. If done judiciously SEO can yield long term organic traffic and when employed with PPC instead of competing will scale the potency of an online marketing campaign.

Paid/Sponsored Traffic –

This includes ads on social media platforms, Google Adwords or ads on other search engines. All these tools offer wide visibility and prime positioning on the internet. The best thing about paid traffic is that it is highly measurable.

Social Media Driven Traffic –

A strong social media presence unconsciously prompts the community or the target audience to visit the business’ website and most of this is qualified traffic. Please note that this traffic is not to be confused with the one stemming from paid social media campaigns.

Traffic from Content Marketing –

Content marketing is used to lift the organic SEO rankings which can be a rich source of links and referral traffic. Blogs as a content marketing tool trigger website visits and more inbound links. Content is the main pull here, the better it is the more chances of it getting referenced by others.

4. Focus on Qualifying Traffic

Make sure you are not counting the traffic from bots as actual traffic. Dissect the number and qualify the visitors to get the real picture. As per a study, bots made up 56% of all website traffic in 2014 and for smaller websites, bots can account for 80% of all website traffic. If you don’t focus on qualifying your traffic/visitors your conversation rate will plummet in spite of the quantitative increase in the traffic. Once you qualify the traffic, it will convert to ‘paying customers’.

5. Diversify traffic sources

Generate a good amount of quality traffic for your business’ website by picking a combination of channels to draw visitors. With multichannel marketing your business will be able to leverage more from the overall strategy. Put more than one channel to reach a larger audience leading to higher conversion upon due process of qualifying. This will ensure long term success for your business.

REMEMBER, any traffic is not good traffic. Keep in mind that you are not trying to pull everyone to your website but only those visitors who are interested in what you are selling. You will be able to generate returns with higher traffic but it will be short lived and unpredictable.

Driving targeted traffic to your website will be a dependable source of long-term revenue.

Sources of website traffic:


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