Ideation Process

Unbound creativity and experience are our raw materials

Our 7 Steps Ideation Process

Requirement Analysis

We begin with an introduction call to familiarize you with with your Project Manager, who will be your main point of contact and shall be accessible at all times. During this conversation, our Project Manager shall discuss the product/mobile app/website you wish to develop in its entirety, points like the following are touched upon to gather requirement and frame a strategy

  • Keywords, converting pages and linkable assets
  • Project goals, expectations, scope, and KPIs
  • Industry and niche competition
  • Past link building efforts
  • Business’s unique selling point
  • Current marketing

After the initial brainstorming, our team conducts in-depth analysis of your industry and niche.

Strategic Plan

We develop your custom link building campaign strategy based on our communication, research, and analysis.

Then documentation is put across detailing how each campaign goal will be met, and we gaguge feedback from you and implement any adjustments.

Your strategy will be customized upon your website’s performance, goals, and the findings from our research.

User Centric Design

Our user-centric methodology is based on experiential data. It includes collaborating with you to identify your project’s user types, mapping out their user journeys, and UX testing prototypes on real customers. We get into the heads of users to chart psychographics for framing solutions for you.


We break projects into tasks and milestones, and pan out the project in stages. Our work approach allows us to better manage risk, be in constant communication with the client, and be highly adaptive to change during the project life cycle.

Our team responds to your business requirements with the desired and apt implementation.

Our experienced development team has worked comprehensively on wide ranging content management systems including SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco and Magento. We are highly adept at custom integration and use the best industry standards for testing, quality control, scalability and security.

Testing and Delivery

We are successfully adept at custom integration and use the best industry standards for testing, quality control, reportage and scalability and security. At this point our web development team shall attend to the finer details and test your web site for complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues to ensure that your product is optimized to be viewed properly on all devices and platforms.

Once you give the Project Manager final approval, it is time to deliver the product with one last scanning to check functionality and appearance.

This marks the official launch of your product, as it is now viewable by the public.

Marketing and Analytics

We see marketing as an inherent function of our digital strategy and integrate the most fitting marketing strategies for your project from day one. With our SEO, SEM and SMM team we ensure the solutions we build are optimized for market visibility and are relevant across all major search engines and social media platforms.
We also have the ability to implement cost-effective customer acquisition strategies and put in place analytical tools to track customer conversions and improve them.

Strategic Partnership and Continuous Learning

Consagous Australia is your partner in growth. The scope of our work goes beyond the goal of product launch, we continually review and refine your product(s) to identify new opportunities for meeting your firm’s goals comprehensively.
As your project progresses and achieves results, we familiarize ourselves with your niche, sector or market to adjust the campaign/project for further improvements.